Life on the Range

A Collection of reminiscences from early Avenue Range residents

In the mid-1980s, the Avenue Range community formed an editorial committee with Shirley Barnett, Brenda Hensel, Phyllis McDowall and Judith Mugford, with the aim of recording the community’s rural history.  Many locals responded to the call for contributions, and the ‘Life on the Range:  A Collection of reminiscences from early Avenue Range residents’ book came to life.

Shirley Rivett designed the artwork for the front cover and Margaret Hensel tirelessly typed the manuscripts (in the days before computers!).

Local sponsors of the book included:  the Lucindale Hotel Social Club, Vivco Lucindale, Elders GM Lucindale, MH Monfries Pts Ltd and Barrett Distributors.

The book is no longer in print, but you could still find the odd copy floating around through second hand book sellers.    However, we have been given permission to share the entire content of the book on the Avenue Range community history website.  You can download or print individual chapters straight from the website, or you can download a scanned version of the original book in its entirety.

Enjoy reading the early history of our unique South Australian community!


The First Inhabitants

First White Settlement

The Old Families


School Days

The 30’s to 50’s

Home from the War

The New Families


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